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October 2013 Posts

Bringing Art and Technology Together

Mon, 10/21/2013 - 09:08 -- rprice

A few years ago, I had an idea to make the kind of conference I'd like to attend. Turns out the Art and Algorithms event in Titusville looked like a really great version, but I didn't get the chance to check it out. When I go to BarCamps and other similar events, I often advise people to decide on their mission, and who their audience is before they start a new project, so here is my shot at it:

BATT Mission

BATT[south] because maybe there would be other regional events...?

Another thing I am always advising people to do is to become the expert. If you think there is an audience who will appreciate some product or service you want to make, then one way to locate them is to start a blog, a podcast, a pinterest board, a delicious feed, etc related to that subject. My default mode is a podcast, so I recruited a good friend of mine, Kathryn Neel AKA the Resident Wizard at Urban ReThink, to co-host the show with me.

We just published our 5th episode, which is a round-up of 5 quick interviews I did at the 2nd Orlando Mini Maker Faire. It's a very inspiring event and something I would not miss, and Kathryn missed a lot of it, as she was working, so I think it was a good conversation.

BATT Podcast 4: Orlando Mini Maker Faire

Download MP3
Download OGG

We have a good start here, and a couple of people supporting us and asking for more would encourage us to keep it going.

I'd also love to organize an unconference along this theme, so let me know if you have ideas there as well.


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Calendars for All Occasions - my 2013 Florida DrupalCamp talk

Fri, 10/04/2013 - 15:25 -- rprice

Back in April we had our 5th Florida DrupalCamp, which was a really awesome event organized by a huge team of volunteers. I had a talk about putting Calendar information in Drupal, which is kind of my thing.

I actually started with some Q&A, which is a Tummeler's way of doing it. I tried to speak to a pretty low common denominator, and I really appreciate that someone was able to record and upload these.

I als have slides from this presentation on SlideShare:


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