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Ryan Price is a community-building, local-blogging, drum-playing, video-making, open-sourcing geek with a love of storytelling and an endless desire to discover how things work. (named a top-30 "Who to follow" for Drupal on Twitter) In the past year, he has started a Drupal training business; attended interactive technology and open source conferences all over the world; helped to create several BarCamp, Ignite, DrupalCamp, and social media events; recorded over 80 hours of podcasts; uploaded almost 1,000 photos and 100 or more videos; written over 400 blog posts, plus thousands of comments and tweets(Ryan also controls 2 of the top 10 twitter accounts in Orlando); given talks on writing mission statements, storytelling, building communities with media, trends in technology and freelance; sat on an industry advisory council; not to mention hosting and attending dozens of meetups, art openings, theatre performances, local concerts, film screenings, poetry readings and supporting local businesses.

A Ryan Price in his Natural Habitat

Oh, and sometimes he builds websites, starts companies, and listens to a painful number of podcasts, all while thinking the big thoughts. To see a bigger list of sites he has compiled, visit Ryan Price's ClaimID page. To see a "lifestream" of all Ryan's activity on the public web, check out

He would doesn't use the word "social media expert", that's too slimy. He does help people understand how to use these tools and push all kinds of information out on to the web, both for himself, and on behalf of others.

Ryan wants to help you build a community, design a product, get inside the heads of your customers, or just learn how to post some videos to your website.

Ryan graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2004 with a degree in Digital Media: Internet and Interactive Systems and a minor in Applied Computer Science. While in school, Ryan began working as a web developer, taking on contracts when his school schedule allowed. Ryan's experiences leading a Senior Project on Pervasive Computing and the Digital Media Student Service team helped him solidify his goals to become a producer for all kinds of media, from traditional music and film to new and convergent media.

After college Ryan moved away from home to Ann Arbor, MI, where he became closely connected with SEMAFX, the SouthEast Michigan ACM SiGGRAPH Chapter, which was his inspiration for creating the Florida Creatives Happy Hours. Ryan returned to Orlando in the Summer of 2005, and became a partner in Cervo Systems, and started building websites with Drupal. Ryan created an Internet TV show called Orlando Scene TV - part of a podcast and blog network called He is the host of several of his own podcasts, starting with the chaos that is You can't spell crapface without PFA, as well as community/theatre 'zine Blogging Fringe, and Shrink Your Ecological Footprint. Ryan is also the producer of a pro football podcast, The Student of the Game. He knows nothing about football except what he learned watching from the sidelines in marching band, he just wanted Kyle to have fun with podcasting.

Most recently is the new Our Yellow House podcast, where Ryan and his guests will attempt to dig deep on at least one subject - the future of creative work, software licensing, new models for social interaction, and lots more in the future.

In 2008, Ryan had the privilege of maintaining, and building new sites for Field and Stream and Outdoor Life magazines. While working for Bonnier, Ryan started a Drupal blog, which later turned into a Drupal podcast and a training business. Ryan also helped found the Florida Drupal Group, and regularly contributes there.