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Fri, 11/03/2023 - 11:16 -- rprice

IES Abroad Dashboard, an example of an application I built
IES Abroad Dashboard, an example of an application I built

I'm on the job hunt, so the first post on my page should reflect some projects I've worked on. I'll probably be updating my site but for now this will serve as an introduction to work I've done.
migration from IBM Web Content Manager to Contentful / Headless Next.js
Philadelphia Orchestra and Kimmel Center
Architected migration from legacy CMS to a modern CMS with web services connecting to a CRM / store.
migration from Drupal 7 to 9/10 with serious backend integration on in-house APIs, complicated user flow and custom dashboards, multiple roles (students, school employees, staff), and a content hub sharing with sister company.
syndicated content from sister company, multi-lingual site.
(not yet launched) architechted upgrade from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9/10 with simplified content model, upgraded search, multilingual interface.
designed web services hosted on Azure to back a dual-platform (web/React and native mobile) game platform with friends lists, timed drops, achievements, and virtual currency to purchase digital goods.
University of California, Office of the President, Procurement
Architected upgrade from Drupal, WordPress, Sharepoint and external knowledge bases into modern Drupal.
Architected migration from legacy Drupal with multiple domains and greatly reduced complexity, created a support and migration plan for bespoke features outside the main line of development.
coordinated work of development teams, designed new contact pages across 250 departments, acted as product owner on scrum ceremonies
architected a migration from legacy Drupal to modern Drupal, keeping costs low and impact high. (has since been rebuilt)
replaced old content types with new headless components using React and an in-house design system. Integrated with AWS API Gateway for authentication.
Maintained legacy Drupal 7 code and introduced React apps for accessing secure customer information to allow download of restricted assets.
Acted as tech lead and release manager for a state-wide digital transformation project for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Worked with a data science team to classify, tag and migrate 250,000+ public records
Discover Drupal
Acted as a Lead Mentor to students graduating from an online bootcamp, led office hours, consulted on projects, and took students to DrupalCon Pittsburgh

Discover Drupal Students at DrupalCon
Discover Drupal Students at DrupalCon


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