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Wed, 04/24/2019 - 17:50 -- rprice

I am VPS (Linode), and I'm using the excellent @OpenDevShop which combines #Ansible @aegirproject and #Drupal for a user-friendly self-hosted experience. I wish there was something like this for WordPress, but that's another poll.

This week I updated the security patches on 6 Drupal 7 sites in about 15 minutes from a GUI. Could have done it on my phone. Have you tried running an SSH client on your phone? Or doing git PRs on your phone? I am a big fan.

I also have a friend who used to fight with file permissions on our last VPS that is now able to log in on SSH or the GUI and perform Drupal updates using a github Pull Request workflow. OpenDevShop can create new environments per-PR if you want.

If you'd like to run Behat or even arbitrary shell commands during a deploy, you can do that too. I'm using it with @gitlab which is cheaper than my old paid Git hosting (remember how GitHub private repos used to cost money?) Also I don't feel right archiving my stuff for $0.

A feature I haven't started playing with is that OpenDevShop can also manage a network of servers from a central GUI / CLI. You can deploy sites on other servers, so if you want to have someone pay for the hosting bill but still have access to manage it from a central UI you can

I'm hosting Drupal 6, 7 and 8 sites there with minimal headaches - something I used to dread. Also major props to @mydropwizard and the #Drupal6LTS supporters for making continuing Drupal 6 a reality for the time being. It works with PHP 7.2 and everything.

The point is "I'm cheap. I know something about computers and I should be able to host this for minimal $$ per month." Open Source is helping me live the frugal content creator lifestyle. Maybe now I will have time to post more often.

If you like OpenDevShop you can support them on @opencollect which is another smashingly good Open Source citizen:

Update: I've also converted this ongoing conversation to a "Twitter Moment", the first time I've tried this feature.


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