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(this blog is) Only Mostly Dead

Thu, 11/01/2018 - 12:13 -- rprice

Updates: worked at, had a baby, started as a contractor for Red Hat. Recorded some DrupalEasy Podcasts. Went to a few DrupalCons, taught several students how to Drupal. Started setting up a wood shop in my garage, started building a crib, fixed a hole in the bathroom floor. Went to visit grandparents and friends with my wife and baby, went to a crapton of estate sales.

Took a bunch of photos, wrote a few tweets, made a few friends and connections. I am now the host of the Portland Drupal User Group, such as it is.

Our house in Florida had a fire, and we are in the middle of renovations. If you want to live near downtown Orlando, we have a great location.

We are planning on reworking the floor plan of our house in Oregon, it's currently not family-friendly. Hopefully I'll get to build some bookshelves and do some woodworking for that upgrade.

Mariah now works about 10 minutes away from the house, which means she can come home for lunch. Her last job didn't even have lunch breaks, so this is a huge huge improvement to our lifestyle.

I don't miss the weather, the politics, the bugs or the roads in Florida. I do miss the people. Some of those people are here on the West Coast now, as naturally happens. As naturally as Brownian Motion.

I still think of myself as a Tummeler, though I do less of it now there is no Urban ReThink and no Florida Creatives. (I actually got to meet Heather and Deb last year, which was really cool, now I have met all 3 including Kevin) More of my time is devoted to adventuring, discovering great things, both manmade and natural. Oregon is a great place to go on adventures.

I keep thinking I need to get back to posting here. Maybe it will happen, maybe it won't.

See ya around, Internet!

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