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Where is the video crew in this film?

Mon, 01/02/2012 - 06:43 -- rprice

The Kogeto is an exciting piece of hardware for any video geeks our there: It films in a full 360ª panorama, and comes with special software to be able to upload and view the video. They also have an iPhone version. Watching this video just now, I see that there are a ton of new tricks that can be employed when filming "in the round". However, I have a similar thought every time I watch one of Disney's 360 films at Epcot: where is the film crew? Unless they are laying on the ground under the camera. Where is the director? I'm guessing there was a fair amount of rehearsal and playback at the shoot. Could he be laying on the ground? Luckily, they did not need to record sound for this video, but that would be a great challenge to solve.

People have said to me a few times: "You know there are people who have shot and edited entire films on their iPhone?"

To them I say: "So what? That was inevitable." Making a "normal" film is just a feature. This Kogeto is a true innovation. The iPhone enabled it, so that makes it a platform. I can appreciate that.

The Tummeler in me also wonders how a camera like this could be used to immerse people in a video conference. I would like to see Kogeto make a projector or other display that can immerse you as completely as the camera captures.

Alan Wilkis - "Come and Go (feat. The KickDrums)" from David Sosnow on Vimeo.

This video was created using a single-point capture 360º panoramic camera, courtesy Kogeto of NYC -

Download the MP3 for free here:


Co-directed & edited by: David Sosnow and Alan Wilkis

Produced by: David Sosnow, Alan Wilkis and Tavit Geudelekian

Starring: Caralyn Stone, Alex Fitts, Alexis Oliver, Kim Skadan, Katy Parnello, Lisa Harper, Caitlin Biskup, and Jamie Berg

Special Thanks: Michael Prall, Caroline Duncan'

As seen in PAPERMAG ( and The Atlantic (

Made in NYC.


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