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Apartment Building Designed by Tummlers

Fri, 09/30/2011 - 06:31 -- rprice

In my Pecha Kucha Orlando talk, and the one I did at last week's ReThinking the City, I included a slide of a suburb of Copenhagen with a circular layout, which I said was probably designed by a Tummler, whether they labeled themselves as such or not.

Today I have another example of Tummeling in architecture, this time I believe in Barcelona, explicitly with social interaction in mind. So many homes are sold on the view from the outside of the building - your front window - but this building takes the rear window into account as well.

From *faircompanies: Rear Window living: density + small homes = crossed glances

I currently live in a single family home near downtown, but if there were buildings like this, perhaps I wouldn't mind the transit up and down to get to my home so much. Living on the ground floor is a luxury I'd be hard-pressed to give up.


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