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Tummeling with Heather Gold

Fri, 07/01/2011 - 23:23 -- rprice

This is a video of a talk by Heather Gold (Tummelvision, Unpresenting, Heather Gold Show, @heathr) from WordCamp Seattle a few days ago.

The idea of Tummeling is something I have come to identify with quite a bit since I heard about it - I think it goes a long way in describing my interactions in communities like Florida Creatives, Drupal, BarCamp, the Orlando Scene, Podcasting/Social Media and Coworking. Any chance to see Heather, Deb or Kevin talk about Tummeling is worth your time.

Heather Gold – Tools For Tummeling at WordCampTV

What the heck is Tummeling again? Heather explains it pretty early on in the video, but the "about" page for Tummelvision is a decent place to go.

Heather does a great job of including the people (formerly known as the audience) at the talk, and mentions the importance of phatic communication, and hopes tech tools in the future will help us to share that kind of communication.

The second half of the video is really great, where Heather starts talking to the people who write the corporate blogs, and tries to give them a methodology for changing the narrow-sighted CEOs mind about corporate communication.

Heather often tells a story about how she started as a stand-up comic, then realized that the audience could be as funny, if not funnier than she was. If you like what you see, She takes her show on the road, and teaches a workshop about doing talks that are more "tummelish". You can request to have the Unpresenting Workshop come to your area. (hint: I might be campaigning to have it come to Orlando)


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