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Google Plus, a lot like Buzz so far

Wed, 06/29/2011 - 23:39 -- rprice

I remember the first few days that Buzz was around... there was some activity there, the tech people were all talking about it (plus the obvious privacy backlash). Then it died. It died a quiet lonely death, and nobody smelled the body until a few years later...

When Google+ started.

Will this "project" go the way of Wave, Jaiku, and Dodgeball? Will they open source Hangouts, like they supposedly open sourced Wave?

What about some way for me to advertise that I want to be found in relation to ... X? I guess the web (and Google search) already have that covered? The lists are cool, but a listserv does not exist here, and part of me hopes the Googlers never create a way to spam everyone. That would make this exactly like every other social network, and Google keeps contending that it is not a social network. Therefore, what is it?

I absolutely can't wait for tomorrow's Social Media Day / Mashable meetup at Urban ReThink and Tummelvision - that is going to be epic. I actually had a little chat with Heater Gold today on Plus, and all because I mistakenly thought they might have already taped this week's episode.


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