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How to Sync Bookmarks, Pin Tabs and more in Firefox 5

Wed, 06/22/2011 - 09:56 -- rprice

Mozilla has promised to put out several new versions of Firefox this year, I guess they are taking a little bit more of a Google Chrome path, to release quickly, and innovate. They have some really great stuff in their Mozilla Labs, which I have blogged about before.

Here is a quick one about connecting Firefox Sync with your mobile phone or other computers:

Some more really cool features are the ability to create Tab Groups, which you can save, or use as an alternate to switching between windows.

App Tabs are small tabs that stay visible in your window even when you have tons of other tabs open - they glow blue when they get updated, and they even stay attached to your window when you quit the browser and start it back up.

What's your favorite new feature of Firefox?

Want to see more cool stuff that Firefox can do? Check out


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