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BarCamp can be a lot more in Orlando

Fri, 04/01/2011 - 18:19 -- rprice

This is something I have been trying to articulate since the first BarCamp Orlando almost 4 years ago. The whole idea behind FooCamp and its bastard offspring BarCamp was to use Open Space Technology to create order in chaos. Our events have had both order and chaos, but the order is not ordered toward much of anything productive. Some people have started new events to achieve this: I think our BarCamp can be better on its own, but these other purposeful events wouldn't be bad either.

I have set up an EtherPad site (mentioned in the slideshow above) called - it's essentially a real-time editable wiki - think Google Wave, except it works, or Google Wave without all the crap.

My follow-up pad for the "Kill BarCamp, Embrace OpenSpace" presentation is here: it's sort of like the "required reading" for attendees, after I introduce Open Space at a high level. I don't really want to (or have time to) teach Open Space Technology, I just want us to use it, and set some goals for our event. Above all I want us to set goals, but I believe the tools will help us move the day along.


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