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Great Urban ReThink write-up by Seth Kubersky

Thu, 03/03/2011 - 06:21 -- rprice

I just got a phone call from my brother Stefan who asked me if I had read the Orlando Weekly - it turns out I was mentioned in a Live Active Cultures column by their passionate arts contributor Seth Kubersky. Random trivia: I actually ended up supplying one of the  bottle s of wine referenced in the article. Just trying to do my part!

I also want to correct one thing: I believe Seth meant to say "opened" at the end of this line:

I've known Ryan Price as a vocal evangelist for coworking and community networking (along with Drupal programming) since before CoLab Orlando closed.

My favorite line by far is actually a quote from our programming director Katie Ball:

Ultimately, Urban ReThink is intended to have what Ball calls a "mullet" operational model: business by day, party by night.

Today was actually a "party by morning" with the Orlando, Inc. Entrepreneur Hub event, featuring our landlord Craig Ustler. We have great events during the day sometimes as well.

Thanks again to Seth, and thanks to my brother for reminding me to blog about this.


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