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Two new Aggregators

Thu, 01/06/2011 - 17:58 -- rprice

It has been a long time "maybe someday" project for me to build a blog aggregation website for Orlando content, as well as a Podcast site akin to the old ODEO, but again, featuring locally produced podcasts. In the last few months, I finally scratched those two off my list.

Pulpp was an excuse to just install Drupal 7, once and for all, to see what it was like. I figured an aggregator wasn't a bad use of a site like this, so here it is.
Using the Corolla theme, no less! Drupal's Core Aggregator module is also the engine here. I have things broken into a few categories, like Blogs, Podcasts, Video and Mass Media for anything that is a Newspaper, Magazine or TV Station.

Check out

The PodCamp Orlando Site was created 3 or 4 years ago when I thought it could be a good idea to hold a Podcasting Unconference in Orlando. Turns out there are finally bunches of people making podcasts now, so we may be able to pull this off!
orlando podcasters
This is a Drupal 6 site, because I couldn't get the Feeds module to work in Drupal 7. Featuring Jake Strawn's Omega theme.

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Eventually, I would like to have a mobile version, or perhaps a full-fledged podcatching app, with all these pre-loaded in the directory, so a host of one of these shows could tell you to download the app, and poof! You now magically now also know about all the other Orlando shows.

If you want your blog, YouTube Channel or podcast featured on any of these outlets, or if you want to claim your podcast page on OrlandoPodcasters, then drop me a comment here on this post. I will be more than happy to include your feed!


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