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Firefox 3.6 Beta

Wed, 11/25/2009 - 03:48 -- rprice

I've been trying to keep up with web browser innovation for a while now, even though it might be painful or inconvenient. At the same time, it's one thing I get some satisfaction out of. I've talked in the past about Flock, Songbird, Miro, and lots of web browser related topics.

This morning I grabbed Firefox 3.6 Beta 3 (download), and it's got some interesting fun features. First of all, HTML 5 Videos can go full-screen. This is a big step towards in-browser video. Another huge improvement is support for CSS3 fonts, particularly the new WOFF format.

There are also some cool new CSS and DOM features, like crisp vs smooth image scaling (the only way to see the result is to have 3.6 installed) - then there is something very cool I would love to see someone play with - accelerometer support! I assume this will be most useful when they start rolling out mobile browsers, but it currently works on Mac OSX.

I've also been helping to test some extensions by just doing basic reporting with the Addon Compatibility Reporter. Really, the best part here is that it will let you use Extensions that are not properly flagged, so I get to work around one of the most frustrating beta-testing features, which is that you lose some of those useful tools! I'm glad they have a way to keep my essential addons around.

Go Try it out!


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