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The Least Pretentious Demo I've Seen in Ages

Sun, 04/26/2009 - 07:18 -- rprice

Everybody can take a hint from Ryland Haggis and Lisa Bettany over at redpilot media in vancouver, b.c. (that's in Canada, yo). It's simply designed, the edits are not too fast, and they have a very clear message to communicate.

Redpilot Media from Redpilot Media on Vimeo.
Most Demo Reels or Trailers you see for companies try to jam as many different styles, media, bright colors, fast motion and buzzwords as they possibly can. What Ryland and Lisa have done here is notable, because, unlike all the other guys, they're not trying too hard.

Don't agree? Concur? Tell me why.


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