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Wed, 01/28/2009 - 05:52 -- rprice

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CFGeeks is a community / mailing list / meetup / whatever mostly made up of Linux guys, sysadmins and Ham radio operators. I have been following the mailing lists since some time last year, after I found a bunch of pointers to it through local Linux user groups, like GOLUG and LEAP-CF.

The group was created by a guy named Kevin Inscoe (ke3vin), who currently does some administrative stuff at local publishing juggernaut Harcourt.

The other day I went to a lunchp, which is based on an old LISP joke... adding -P to something is like asking a yes/no question. Moviep? Skycraftp? and of course Lunchp? are asked quite often on the list.

To my understanding, this was the first lunchp in some time, but it was well-attended, and there were some good conversations, stories and historic context thrown around, along with the random YouTube video on someone's laptop. It kind of felt like all the time you spend in a big office wasting time standing at your friend's desk... except none of these guys work in the same building (though I think some of them used to).

In true new media fashion, there's a Flickr set of photos from lunchp, and a uStream video Kevin made just as I got to the meetup.

If ANY of the above are remotely attractive to you, or if you want to talk about iPhone development, I highly recommend you join a mailing list, give out your callsign, follow these guys on twitter, and go to lunchp this Friday downtown at Panera Bread. It's worth it.

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