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Palm Pre, it's better than Ritalin

Sat, 01/24/2009 - 02:00 -- rprice

"At CES, Palm announced that the new iPhone/BlackBerry/Android KILLA would be out in the first half of this year." (CrunchGear)

If this video is any indication, the main two features I see in the Palm Pre is multi-tasking, and fancy ways to hide and show the interface. I also have to say that the combined, yet sepatate, email inboxes, calendars and contacts are a nice-to-have.

The little chicklet keyboard reminds me of my old Sony Mylo, of which the best feature was the feedback that I had pushed a button. Still, unless they put a light behind that keyboard, say goodbye to typing in the dark.

With all these applications staying open, I can't imagine battery life and speed being all that great, but I may never find out, because the phone is on Sprint! Sprint?

I wonder what ever happened to Sprint's "draw in the air" guestures? Is touch really a superior technology? Hmm, I think it must be... I can't even find any references to the announcement about drawing in the air to dial numbers, answer calls, etc. - just a bunch of videos with light painting.

Will the Palm Pre be the light painting commercial of tomorrow?


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