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Larry Halff and Tara Hunt - Ma.gnolia 2

Tue, 10/28/2008 - 06:06 -- rprice

Video introducing Ma.gnolia 2 from this year's Gnomedex conference:

Larry Halff and Tara Hunt [...] discussing how Ma.gnolia has implemented many of the tools of the open web such as OpenID, OAuth and Microformats and [...] unveiling Ma.gnolia 2, the next evolution of Ma.gnolia and a building block of the open web.

The real Web 2.0 entrepreneurs like Larry will realise when they've got something great -- and how they can get that something into the hands of the most people possible might be by giving it away, opening the data for unknown uses, letting you import (and export) as much as you want, giving you tools that don't just raise their bottom line, but instead make you love the service so much that you need to invite everyone you know to use it.


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