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Yahoo has a Meme Tracker , WHAT?

Sat, 07/19/2008 - 05:08 -- rprice

Thanks to my Google Alerts, I found out that my latest blog post appeared on the Twitter News channel of a site called, which appears to be a Yahoo-powered memetracker, a-la,,, and scads of others.
Yahoo Buzztracker
One cool thing I thought they did was the very prominent placement of the MyBlogLog widget - it gives the feeling that the site is being actively contributed to, instead of controlled by RSS-crawling bots. I also got the sense via the topbar that there were several deep categories to explore.

They do have RSS feeds, but I think if they were to provide an embeddable widget for each topic, this service would be pretty interesting indeed. It looks like all the categories are likely controlled by a human, but that's probably for the best (or maybe working at a magazine company has given me an inflated sense that editorial control is a good thing. yay wisdom of the crowds!).


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