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Florida Creatives Jobs Group

Wed, 07/02/2008 - 03:34 -- rprice

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Since the beginning of Florida Creatives, the people have always clambered for a place to post and seek jobs. In the past, I have used the FLCreatives blog for this purpose, or some folks have used the Google Groups list: those days are over.

Florida Creatives Jobs

The ground rules:

Use this space to post job availabilities, or say that you are looking for work. Please understand that joining this list will (by default) sign you up to receive email for every post or comment in this group; you can always unsubscribe and re-subscribe any time you like.

NOTE: if you are posting jobs, please do not post the jobs to other groups, such as regional groups, without permission from the group's moderator. Dozens of people receive emails for each of the groups on our site, and we do not want to be labeled as spam.

Any comments should be directed to the complaints department at 1 /dev/null Ln, Peoria, IL 31337.

Post and seek as needed within the network.

Thanks @danielrsmith for being the final catalyst to set this up.


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