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2008 Patron's Picks at the Fringe

Sat, 05/24/2008 - 07:39 -- rprice

Patron's Pick is the only accolade our Fringe Festival bestows on shows, whether local or out of town. I think all of the Picks this year will end up being local, which is a crying shame. I should check previous years and see if out of town shows have earned this honor in the past.

Patron's Pick day is great - you have the day off of work, you have already sort of seen everything you want to, and you're also not rushing from one venue to the next and worried about scheduling things, because there is only one show playing at any given time - this makes parking a bit easier, too, from what I can remember.

Genevieve says in today's newsletter:

Here are the Patron's Pick winners and their performance times on Monday. We are still waiting on Blue and Brown, as it is a very tight race! As soon as we know, it will be posted on!

Yellow Venue: Skip Peril and the Players of the Lost Trunk, 10:15 am

Fringe Fundraiser: T.J. Dawe's The Slip-Knot, a benefit for the Fringe, 11:30 am in the Orange Venue

Red Venue: Alice in Wonderland, 1:15 pm

Green Venue: Dysfunctional Fables, 2:20 pm

Orange Venue: When Pigs Fly at 3:30, pm

Silver Venue: Reefer Madness, 4:20 pm

Pink Venue: Here Be Dragons, 10:00 pm


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