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"5 Minute Romance" Follow-up

Sun, 04/27/2008 - 13:17 -- rprice

Mark Baratelli asks:

Saw your podcast post re: lady rap and your experience with the puppet festival. What was the outcome of that?

The outcome with Heather was sort of that she was too busy at the time to listen to hours and hours of podcasts, and the memory of it sort of came back to me recently when I thought about writing this blog. I don't know if she ever listened to any of the shows, but it was a good example about how this blogging stuff is not always good at making first impressions.

I was referencing your (Lady Raptastic) show because it's not the sort of thing that I myself got into after listening to it once, you know? You've got so many episodes, where does one begin to introduce someone to a new universe?

This new media stuff is hard to digest sometimes, I think I am trying to start a meme.

I actually just tried to call Mark so I could record his initial thoughts about the 5 Minute Romance idea, but I got a voicemail. I'd love to get a dialog going here, if anyone wants to chime in, leave a comment or call me.

Also, using the words "5 minute romance" or tagging a post with "5minuteromance" will be a good way to keep this going, I think. I'm going to set up Google Alerts for these and see what happens.


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