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Video Uploads to Flickr

Tue, 04/08/2008 - 19:14 -- rprice

Upload Videos to Flickr

My First Video on Flickr fit the new requirements perfectly: less than 90 seconds, and less than 150MB. That's fantastic, and the streaming in good, embed codes, tagging, fits right into my flickr photo/video stream, awesome.

The videos on Flickr are going to make YouTube obsolete, or rather, the MySpace to Flickr's metaphorical Facebook. The content in each place is different. I don't go to MySpace or YouTube expecting quality, art, or intellectual content of the least kind. However, I know some real life people on Facebook, and some really serious photographers on Flickr.

By creating a constraint like this, the "90-second short film" will gain a place on the internet. I wouldn't doubt if the next set of consumer-level cameras have an option to limit video clips to 90 seconds to allow for easy Flickr uploading.

...and it is SO easy. The same exact experience as working with a photo - I haven't tried geotagging, but I bet it works. Now if they can get Viddler-style deep tagging working just like Notes on photos, I'll be a very happy man.

David is a total goofball, now you can see it at 30FPS. Thanks Flickr!


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