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BarCampOrlando IZEA Geekout Party

Sun, 04/06/2008 - 17:46 -- rprice

This was how I spend 90% of the time at the IZEA GeekOut Party - talking to Tara Lamberson and Dan Kinchen about a Central Florida Tech Association, or something like it.

Thanks to Ted Murphy for throwing the party - we hope to see you on the 21st for Florida Creatives. Also thanks to Adam Teece for hosting the podcasts.

Also appearing in this video: Ted Murphy, Gregg Pollack and a widdle baby
See more videos by Adam at the GeekOut


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Hey Ryan, thanks for the awesome support. It was great meeting you. Could I ask a favor of you? The link you have on my name, could you change it to I am working on converting everything over in order to do more self branding. If you don't change it, it isn't that big of a deal since I am doing a 301 redirect, but I might use the domain in the future sometime. Thanks.