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BarCampOrlando Downtown April 5th and 6th, 10AM - 6PM

Tue, 04/01/2008 - 02:32 -- rprice

BarCamp Orlando is a weekend for all types of creative folks to come together and share with each other. The event is dubbed an "unconference", a format which derives power from the people instead of the event organizers or the presenters. Everyone has an equal opportunity to get on stage and speak, teach or lead a discussion, playing off of the idea that at any given conference, the people in the audience have more knowledge collectively than the presenter(s) on stage.

This second installment of BarCamp will be held over 2 days, Saturday and Sunday, April 5th and 6th, in downtown Orlando at the Wall Street complex, from 10AM - 6PM each day. Registration is free, and a registration promises a shirt and lunch on the sponsors of BarCamp, businesses who are passionate about the technology and media communities of Central Florida.

Saturday is the designated "Dev Day", playing host to everything from web programming to robot building and video game development and everything in between. iPhone hackers, guys with soldering irons, the latest technologies, and plenty that haven't been realized yet. Every 30 minutes, both venues will have a different talk going on, so if you're feeling lost in the jargon, apply the "rule of 2 feet" and check out what's happening in the other room!

Sunday is dubbed "Media Day", and is the place for storytellers, journalists, writers, designers, filmmakers, musicians, 2D and 3D artists, podcasters, bloggers and social networkers to show off their work, share their tricks or talk about the state of the industry. From 12 to 1 we will be talking about the "Past, Present and Future of Media in Central Florida", hoping to give our community a sense of our story, and where we're headed.

Registration is free, and the event runs from 10AM - 6PM both days with a lunch break at 1PM. The event will be housed in Slingapour's and One-Eyed-Jack's, with Wall St Cantina acting as our "hallway". There will be projectors and microphones, chairs and a space to speak. All you have to do is write your name on the whiteboard and you get 20-25 minutes to share your passions with a group of energetic, engaged geeks and creatives. I would not use the words "captive audience" to describe the BarCamp crowd, because they all want to get involved.

Visit today and register for Dev Day, Media Day or both days. Wall Street Plaza is at 18 Wall Street Plaza, Orlando, FL 32801 - has a map to the venue and information about parking.


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