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BarCampMiami Audio: Podcasting is not about Tools

Mon, 03/03/2008 - 09:52 -- rprice


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Had a great talk of about 35 minutes. I will link to folks' blogs and stuff in a few minutes, but I just realised I hadn't posted this yet. Flash player coming soon too.

Some talking points:

  1. What's your interest in this podcast session? I've been podcasting for two years.
  2. Can we make podcasting more accessible? Understand how your audience consumes media.
  3. How did you get into creating podcasts? I wanted to record conversations.
  4. Why can't everyone be famous? Sometimes being a celebrity helps, you need an audience.
  5. The subject matter of your podcast is intrinsically bonded to your audience. You can't force it on them.
  6. What happens if you do something outside your niche? Don't create any more channels.
  7. Podcasts are personal. For audiences and producers. Producers and hosts are members of the community.
  8. Syndication to larger sites as well as smaller sites can help you grow your audience.
  9. Doing an "informal" podcast is the same as a formal one - "once you start, you can't stop!"
  10. Can we use podcasts to bridge the barriers of language and culture? Visuals, video with subtitles.
  11. Why video gets more play and advertising than audio - because of engagement.
  12. How people consume media in suburban vs. urban areas.
  13. How do I make money? Monetization must be in the plan from day 1.
  14. Using services like Revver to reward the sharer, creator and host.

Links mentioned in this podcast:

  1. My Podcast Network
  2. Lady Raptastic
  3. Sex and the Beach
  4. My post about adding subtitles to videos
  5. Piers Fawkes' Blog about the 50/50 Corporation
  6. My video on Rocketboom

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