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Tampa Film Fan Immaortalized as a Comic

Tue, 02/26/2008 - 07:43 -- rprice

Tampa Film Fan is written by Lisa Ciurro. It's a local blog I read has been featured in the Tampa Tribune. My only question is this:

Your paper acknowledges bloggers?

Ours has plenty of bloggers that work for the paper or blog on behalf of the paper, but what's all this business about recognizing a job well done? I won't stand for it! (actually, I'll give a standing ovation for it.

Tampa Film Fan » i’ve blogged, been blogged about, and even blogged about blogging: now I’ve been blogjammed and i think i like it

Lisa CiurroI’ve been called a cartoon character before. Now, according to the Tampa Tribune’s BlogJam section, I actually am one!

Visit to see more of Williams’ talent and creativity on display.


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