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BarCampOrlando April 5th & 6th @ Wall St. Plaza

Sat, 02/23/2008 - 18:53 -- rprice

April 2008 BarCampOrlando @ Wall Street Plaza, April 5th & 6th

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I'm recruiting presenters and attendees for the New Media Day. Be there, bring your A-game. (your B-game is equally welcome)


At the last event, I think everyone's understanding that there were going to be some crazy awesome presentations as well as some mediocre ones was not very solid. I spoke to a few people who presented and said "I thought I was going to be all by myself in a room with like 5 guys all scratching their chins, but I was SO wrong", the other half of them said "I thought about presenting, but I didn't think I was 'good enough', but then I saw it was just a bunch of guys like me, so I'm going to blow them all out of the water this time".

Really, those are you only two options. You should have either presented at last year's BarCamp, or decided that you were definitely presenting at the next one. If you weren't there, then take my word for it and create a presentation. Really.


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