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Florida Creatives Graphics, Events List

Sat, 02/23/2008 - 14:43 -- rprice

All available on the Events page at Florida Creatives, there are some new additions to the page there.

First of all is this swanky promotional banner: I'm a fan. Also, notice the other new banner in the sidebar.

Click here to visit Florida Creatives

Right now it is the Erik, Chris, John, Alex and Ryan show - sorry if you got left out, but there's nothing stopping you from making your own banners, now is there? I actually think I should edit this to include Gregg, Greg and Cory somehow. There weren't lots of pictures of y'all though.

Also, I started a super-simple, easily-digestible list of recurring events sorted by day of the week instead of subject matter as it is currently on the Orlando networking events wiki page.

I tried to link everything to to make a consistent experience for anyone clicking on those links. We also list lots of our stuff there and it's publicly viewable. Yahoo IDs are also pretty easy to find.

If you've got suggestions or you want to contribute, that's why registration for the site is open. I'll bump anyone up to Editor who asks.


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