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Social Media Café London

Tue, 02/19/2008 - 04:12 -- rprice

My last Friday in London was the cause for Likemind London and (directly across the street, 5 minutes after) Social Media Café. I'm pretty sure the idea is to eventually own a physical piece of "IRL" space - this goes beyond coworking - London has several coworking spaces already. We're talking a place for social media nerds or pros, however they choose to label themselves, to get together and talk. Now taking place every Friday Morning near London's glitzy West End, behind the theatre where you can see "Spamalot".

Don't believe me? Here's a video by Mike Atherton (sizemore).

Here's a bit from Lloyd Davis, the organizer, on Social Media Café as Platform:

“What I want to create is a platform that enables people to create value for themselves.”

The inspiration for this comes from the tech world - CP/M & MS-DOS, the IBM PC, the Internet, the Web, Amazon Marketplace, Craigslist, Ebay, Facebook - what they all have in common is that no matter how they get paid for or how they’re organised, or whether or not they make money for their inventors, they have also given other people the opportunity to create new relationships, markets and businesses that weren’t possible before

Also met some cool peeps there, they'll be showing up in the blogroll on the left sidebar soon, and probably the daily Ma.gnolia summary in the RSS as well.


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Woot - first post! I've been following your adventures via twitter, but this is the first chance I've taken to follow one of those tiny urls. I must say that the cafe pictured is DEFINITELY somewhere I'd like to be! Amazing on its own, but not even as much as that quote from Lloyd Davis. Bring the social web OUT of the web and into real life? That sounds pretty brilliant to me - maybe I should attend one of these events you seem to be hosting all the time :). I did finally buy a SunPass to make trips to Orlando LESS EXCRUCIATING!

Ryan, I'm really pleased you got to be there, that you liked it and that we finally managed to meet. Drop by whenever you're in town - we're going weekly from this Friday -

do also subscribe to that blog - it's where the story will unfold (and where you should be able to find other online stuff about us)

and that invitation goes for any of your readers who may find themselves in Olde London Town - if you're smart enough to read Ryan's blog, you're smart enough to come to the Social Media Cafe :)
(I think that works as a compliment, doesn't it?)

@lloyd thanks for the vote of confidence... I certainly can't wait until our community is rich enough here to be able support events like this.. one crazy thing I saw in London was a store where they only sell Flutes - Orlando can't support something that niche...

@sean yeah, it's good times down here - also sorry I didn't hook up with you last time I was in g'ville. If we had some more folks subscribing from around the state, we might have some of the pages on the wiki populated with similar events from the Swamp
If you can contribute in some way, it would be unfathomably appreciated. You have to register for the wiki - we were getting too much spam.