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Fox News, tell me why you suck so bad? Steve Novick, the beer-drinking hook-handed politician

Mon, 02/11/2008 - 06:28 -- rprice

My dad watches Fox News, and I am personally embarrassed for him. He says they provide a "balanced" view of things, but I feel like I understand media, and it's my opinion that they don't really say anything, but really everything they're saying is just designed to keep you from changing the channel. Take this YouTube clip from Red Eye as an example.

They start with a good idea: let's do a news show in a bar with no green room, no makeup and really short segments. Sounds good so far. Here are several problems with the show:

  1. Short segments? Put them on YouTube. This one was uploaded by a Novick supporter
  2. You had a politician on your show and said many times you had no idea what his platform was, and when he tried to tell you, he was interrupted and told to make funny jokes.
  3. The first line of this video claims you've got "too much news", but you spent the whole time talking about the beer in the commercial and the fact that Steve Novick has a hook for a hand. Surely there are better ways to fill 3 minutes.
  4. I feel that by speaking in a raised tone of voice (like every commentator on the Fox News channel), you're trying to make me feel stupid, like what you're saying is so important that I should keep your station on in the background all day, because otherwise I might miss your half of the story.

Fox News, you make me very glad that I don't own a television.


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