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Steve Jobs Never Finished College, Speaks at Graduation

Sun, 01/27/2008 - 08:05 -- rprice

via johl's ramen soup

Several of my teachers at UCF used to say "Fail early and often". Failing early and often requires you to stay hungry and foolish like the back of the Whole Earth Catalog said. Both statements belong someplace where you can see them, like in your cubicle or near the door to your house. Maybe that's a good use for the "Hello, Dolly" plugin that comes with every Wordpress install. Now you can share those quotes with yourself and your blog readers. Also check out @iheartquotes on twitter. I think I found that because of Alex's fun and useful Twitterholic.

Also about the video:
As always, Steve has prepared every moment of this presentation to the exact second when people will clap and he takes a sip from his water. I also really like how they show the graduates who have no respect for what they're wearing at all, because it's just gotten ridiculous to wear a gown to a party anymore, and they know it. The final message "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish" is not how I would put it, but if you know what's behind it, then it works.

Johl (whose tumbalog I nabbed this from) is friends with Johannes from monochrom, and I'll believe those kids are all hungry and foolish, and they've certainly found what they love to do.


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