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Badass Vegetable Orchestra via Boing Boing

Wed, 01/09/2008 - 06:28 -- rprice

Too cool. Orlando needs stuff like this. I wonder if you can make anything out of an orange (without getting too sticky).

Vegetable orchestra - Boing Boing
Gabrielle sez, "This is a youtube of an orchestra entirely comprised of modified vegetables. There's a trumpet made from a carrot and a pepper, a carrot flute, and amazing percussion." Catchy tune, too -- delicious! Link to video, Link to Vienna Vegetable Orchestra site (Thanks, Gabrielle!)


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Submitted by K (not verified) on

Of Course you can! So you cut a little hole in the orange, big enough to scoop out the insides, then whne you've got all the flesh out you leave the shell to dry. Take the pips out of the flesh to dry as well. Out the pips back in the flesh and some how cover the hole you made, maybe a cork? and voila! You have a maraca! well sort of-