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Facebook, the Devil, and Me (historic)

Thu, 11/29/2007 - 20:35 -- rprice

Think back to two years ago - had you heard of the Facebook? If you were in college, you most certainly had. When I returned home on a trip from Michigan for a fraternity convention, all of my friends asked "are you on facebook?" and seemed shocked that I was only on LiveJournal and MySpace... they were ALL on facebook, and they were all friends from the first time they'd met. It was the "real" Second Life. After lots of "no, I don't have a school e-mail", I found that Nathan had two school emails, so he let me use one. It was a great community back then, before the feed, before the apps, before the statuses, even before YouTube! ::gasp!:: "Was there life before YouTube?" It doesn't feel like it sometimes.

Yes, I really used to terminate all of my LiveJournal posts with a line from Tron.

I have crossed over to the dark side.

Facebook me!

End of Line.

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Submitted by K (not verified) on

It's very funny isn't it all of the big big 'oh my god you have to join.......' site are kinda over- except facebook. First my friends went on and on and on about Friendster- but I never really understood it. Then it was livejournal- which I still read, but don't post to and then it was myspace, which has also peetered out. But, there's facebook gleaming so brightly and drawing so many in. It's interesting that the site that was the most exclusive (ie you must be in in a university with a school email) has become the most popular.... But I#ll admit my addiction has begun in the last few months- I couldn;t give a fig for it when I was first coerced into joining it....and its not the applications...although its hard to knock Scrabulous....