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Lijit Wijit makes a useful Search Landing Page

Wed, 11/21/2007 - 07:48 -- rprice

A nice follow-up to my last post about SEO and Landing Pages, Lijit!
Lijit Search Landing Page
Lijit is a Google Personalized Search wrapper that helps you add all your sites and content to one search box. People can also search your MyBlogLog and LinkedIn networks, Ma.gnolia bookmarks and Twitter updates. Someone searching for "Jenny K Surrounded by Wolves" on my blog will see a search results page, but then when they return to my blog, Lijit picks up on the referrer and tries to suggest other stuff. Cool!

This page is a video I made about a local band, but if you look in the sidebar, you also see that we've referred to them on OrlandoScene.TV, so the person who came here looking for Jenny K might find what they were looking for on another one of my sites.

Mark Baratelli and I have talked about this problem before - we both blog in 23 places, so how can someone search all of our stuff? Do any of you fair readers use personalized search engines? I'm interested to see what else is out there.

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