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Coworking London, any takers?

Thu, 11/08/2007 - 04:49 -- rprice

If anyone has Google Alerts set for CoworkingLondon, they'll come across this blog post and reply soon.

I am currently staying in Northern London, and I'm now an expert at the tubes and trains here, so I can get to anyplace I like. I have a day off tomorrow until around 1600 (that's 4PM for you non-Europeans), and I'd like to co-work somewhere in town.

The easiest way to be in touch is by email < rprice AT >. I also have a phone, but I don't have the number handy. I'm hoping to get a response from Noel, because I know he's been here on a coworking expedition before.

This has been a fun trip, the other day we rode a boat down to Greenwich (as in Greenwich, Mean Time or GMT) where all time begins and saw the "Painted Hall". Been to some other random places in town, and went to an awesome french horn concert the other night, followed by a "buttoned down" concert with period instruments and guys wearing trainers (sneakers). It was really neat, an event called The Night Shift, wherein the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment gets on stage for just such a no-collars-required concert every so-often. You can bring your wine and beer in the hall, get up during the performance, and actually hear a bit of talkback from the conductor and the host instead of having to read it all off the program (or have your girlfriend whisper it in your ear).


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