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Orlando Puppet Festival this Weekend!

Wed, 10/24/2007 - 12:09 -- rprice

Check out this video: The 2007 Orlando Puppet Festival!

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You can check out my full post about Orlando Puppet Festival over at, but here's the short version:

This weekend, a parade of puppeteers will precipitate through downtown in an un-pompous display of consonance.... or they'll just knock your socks off with some kickass puppeteering. This isn't the stuff your nieces and nephews are watching on Nickelodeon, we're talking real theatre with one of the oldest art forms in the world as the showcase.

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Submitted by K (not verified) on

That looks completely awesome! I wanna go!!! Stupid being in London, wait hmm. But I don't think they have cool Puppet Festivals here, other things sure. But they're too many to sort out and I never end up going anywhere! sigh.