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PodCamp Orlando

Fri, 10/19/2007 - 20:25 -- rprice

Orlando has at least 4 healthy podcasting networks, as well as hundreds of travel shows, religious shows and whatever else you get from the regular podcast crowd. It's high time that we get an event together.

We had a BarCamp in September with 170+ attendees, but there was only one podcast session, led by myself. I realized we could take some of the geekery out of it and turn it into a media convention, akin to the BlogOrlando unconference held by social media guru Josh Hallet - instead of focusing on techniques, we can talk about what it means to podcast and what this medium is doing for the world.

I'm really hoping to get a wide sample of the community, not just geeks - arts groups, university professionals as well as other institutions and corporations as well.

I've contacted a few people directly and created a PodCamp Orlando Facebook group to get us started.

We have a great local networking group here called Florida Creatives - we get together once a month for a Happy Hour downtown - and we have a wiki where a lot of the organization will be going down. I own the domain and - the community is mostly organized, we just need to make the event happen.

This group seems to have great support internationally. I'm excited to become a part of it.


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I'm very interested. I'm local and I 'm the Community Manager for Rasmussen Inc. in Maitland.

I saw Chris Brogan's recent post ( on this and was actually going to reach out to the linkemind guys from Friday - I know you're also involved with this.

Let me know if you need any volunteers for this. I think this is a great idea and I wanna get involved.


Mark Krupinski