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What a Week!

Fri, 08/31/2007 - 05:52 -- rprice
  • The Florida Creatives Wiki and the group in general is going so well (recent changes & feed)
  • Petentials is getting ever closer to launch, we have a bunch of new features coming out really soon (email me if you want in)
  • The Orlando Fringe site is (buit in Drupal and) looking better all the time. We have something very neat planned for this, but just wait until we unveil it.
  • For the curious, I love my girlfriend very much. We're working out how we're going to last another 10 months on just phone contact and a few weeks of visits. She's awesome.
  • I'm excited about getting my very own apartment soon, but not excited about going deeper into debt. No sir.
  • A really interesting development on the Orlando Coworking front (and not just because of blog posts). Some people who I was sure I'd told about the idea heard about Coworking the other day and got their gears a-spinning... I love the sound of the wheels of progress when they're made by indie, hippie, planet-loving types. If anyone can bring us closer to a "green" and fun coworking space, it will be Mandy and Jim.
  • Things are going really well with Cervo Systems too. We're in the midst of designing a major marketing campaign for a friend of Charlie's that should prove to be our first serious opportunity to grow as a company. It's exciting.
  • Charlie will also be starting an Illinois Creatives sometime very soon in Chicago, so check out their page in a few weeks to see when the event is happening.
  • Anything I'm forgetting? Well, obviously one can't forget a super-cool talk about Podcasting I'll be giving at BlogOrlando, or the awesome stuff that will be going down at BarCamp Orlando as well. I think I'll be talking Drupal, since I know and love it so well.

Exciting stuff, and I'm sure there's more, like new podcasts with awesome interviews and awesome Internet TV too. There must be more getting tangled up in all the excitement. If you'd like to hear more about any of these endeavors, I'd be happy to chat. There are a dozen ways to contact me mentioned on my blog, so just pick one.


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