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Sat, 08/25/2007 - 20:58 -- rprice

We have our own Wiki. It looks just like wikipedia (for now). It has 4 5 pages (for now).

  1. Main page
  2. Orlando networking
  3. Orlando resources
  4. Orlando wifi
  5. Orlando companies

If you're going to add a new page, please preface it with Orlando or Jacksonville or Tampa, etc. if it is geo-specific, and almost every page should be.

I'm trying to keep the names extremely relevant and short and semantic, hence Orlando_networking, Orlando_resources, Orlando_wifi

If you don't understand editing wiki pages, here are some not-so-nice guides that are way too nerdy.
Filling the page
Starting a new page

Please thank Geoff (SomaCow) and Larry (ORUG) for making me set this up. It's a long time overdue.

Ideas for pages: schools, colleges, tutors, bands, galleries, theatres, radio shows on WPRK, cowking-ish spaces, neighborhoods friendly to creatives, sections of town, restaurants we want to support, things to blog about, blogrolls, skill directories, stuff...

I was so glad to see so many of you come out this month. If you haven't brought anyone new in a while, please consider inviting 5 friends to September/October, about 20% of them should be able to show up! :)

Had some great talks with Mike G (CFPHP) and Larry about brown-bag lunch group discussions (tutoring) to start downtown once a week (or when we have something to discuss). Alex (Emurse) and Josh (BlogOrlando, Hyku) were I think the ones to mention this last week.

I am also definitely planning to go to Stardust next Saturday to make plans for a PHP/whatever mash-up and hack day sometime in the fall. The basic idea would be to set up a simple Linux server in someone's living room and hack for several hours/days - we must launch the project at the end of the hack session, and we must document it and present it to people who weren't at the weekend. Everything will get Creative Commons / GPL and version controlled so the next group of people can build on it or re-use resources as needed.

Ideas for hacks: downtown parking map, theme park attraction ratings/map/photos, wifi hotspots, things not involving maps.

Thanks for reading this long post. I've been awake for 21 hours today and going non-stop. Hope to catch up with all of you soon.


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