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Likemind.orl on Friday, Florida Creatives Follow-Up

Wed, 07/18/2007 - 10:07 -- rprice

Our monthly "coffee and coworking" event is happening this Friday, Likemind.orl, sponsored by Anomaly. Piers and Noah will be celebrating one year of in New York, and we're going to help them (sleepily) in Orlando by drinking coffee near Lake Eola at an early hour. There will be nametags, Alex, Ryan (me) and a small cast of people who work downtown. We are encouraged to take pictures (I'm thinking video, less caption-writing...) and upload them to flickr tagged with "likemind".

8:00 AM - ?11:00AM
Lake Eola Panera Bread
Northeast Corner of the lake
Corner of Robinson and Eola Dr.

A big thanks to everyone who came out to Florida Creatives on Monday - the strong presences by NFI Studios and the SomaCow Media Network make me feel really good about the long-term validity of a local "glue network" where groups gather in one big meta-group. Now we just need more traditional artists to realise the value of the group (or to check their email, is there some better way we can get to them?). We are doing well with the new media types and programmers, and I'm very very glad we can get together and openly discuss what's going on with us, with out community, and the rest of the world.

There are people I run into around town - poets, artists, musicians, filmmakers, actors and the like who I actively recruit to attend, yet haven't been able to make it yet. We had a remote happy hour across the street from the Enzian once, and that had a great film turn-out in addition to the regular gang. The Fringe Festival meetup kindof got lost in the general hullaballoo, and I think some active flyering can help at big events and remote events.


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