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Hey, that's in Orlando!

Wed, 06/27/2007 - 00:36 -- rprice

One of my top 5 blogs, Lost Remote, often has stories that deal with Orlando - like when something happens at the Tribune company, a lot of times the Sentinel will be mentioned. Apparently, they tried out re-designing the local paper's web site before doing Chicago. OK, but now here's a story about our local NBC affiliate using a Slingbox to show the weather during live TV. Who knew?

From Lost Remote:

So the company has sent out a press release (click below to read). Also, Katz points out that NBC Weather Plus is using Slingbox to incorporate live video from WESH, KUSA, KPRC and WDIV. A write-up in Broadcasting and Cable explains how it works:

WESH, for example, plugged a coax cable right into the Slingbox, which lets NBC Weather Plus look at the station’s beauty cam at Universal Studios, as well as at two other tower cameras, says WESH Chief Engineer Richard Monn. To be placed on-air, the Sling video has to run through a scan converter, to change it from progressive-scan VGA to the interlace format, before it can be fed as a live source into a production switcher and displayed in NBC Weather Plus’s upper-right corner box. Running the picture small minimizes the hit in picture quality the picture suffers when it is compressed by the Slingbox for Internet delivery.

Re-re-blogging. My favorite kind of reblogging. Apparently, there is also a concept called re"vlog"ging coined by Ryanne Hudson with her revlog. When I heard about it the other day, I said, "Hey, I have one of those!" See? OrlandoVideo.TV


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