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Florida Creatives Updates

Wed, 06/06/2007 - 07:55 -- rprice

First let me remind you that we have an event coming up on Monday the 18th at the Crooked Bayou, our home now for 4 of 7 months of Florida Creatives Happy Hours. As usual, meet and greet will be from 6-9PM officially. I have often stayed far past 10 o'clock myself, but you're welcome to come and go when you like.

Also, If you haven't seen already, a Florida Creatives group now exists on several major social networking sites. If you have friends living elsewhere in the state, get them to join these groups and meet some other creatives in another commmunity.
Mailing List - 51 members -
MySpace - 151 members -
Facebook - 21 members -
Upcoming - 9 members -
Virb - 5 members -

I've also just spent a bit of time writing an About Page at - check it out, let me know if it needs clarification or updating.

Hope to see you all on the 18th! Thanks for supporting Florida Creatives.

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