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Biting the Bullet - I'm just one of Y'all

Tue, 05/22/2007 - 07:06 -- rprice

This post originally appeared on Blogging Fringe and is in relation to that community site in particular, but I think it also applies to any community-driven site I will ever try to build.

OK, so I realised some time today that I alone cannot make all the videos, take all the pictures, do all the blog posts I want to do AND update the MySpace AND write reviews - I think I have 4 or more reviews I want to do, and they might never get the level of attention I think they deserve.

It's official - if I ask people to write reviews in comments, so should I. If I ask people to leave reviews on the voicemail (321-441-3964), so should I. If I want people to leave reviews on video, so should I and so should all the bloggers. Then we can just blog and be a patron, because we are patrons first - those are the rules. I'll never sit at my tent instead of go to shows. I'll never make buttons instead of talk to other patrons. I'll never make a video instead of just have a conversation with someone. Being a geek comes second. I'm here because I love this, please remember that.

I want people to feel like my opinion is no more important than that of someone in line. That's why we have the voicemail and the Twitter account. To level the playing field. You get exactly 140 characters to say what you think - if it doesn't fit, tought luck, baby! The problem with Twitter is, you need to make an account. Who wants to do that? The phone thing is much easier. So call.

Now I admit that because I know how to make videos and I have the equipment and the ambition, this qualifies me for things like that, and sure I know about podcasting and getting my stuff on iTunes as well, so I'll do that too. Still, this site will never be all it can be until we have a flood of your thoughts and posts. Please help everyone who comes to the site by commenting, calling, sharing and reading.

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Submitted by Brittany (not verified) on

You spoke of Amy Steinberg in one of your she not doing any Fringe shows in Orlando this year?? I didn't see her on the list?