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2007 Orlando Fringe Festival

Sat, 05/19/2007 - 20:49 -- rprice

The scene at the tent

So this year for Blogging Fringe, in addition to providing day-by-day accounts of what's going on, reviews of the shows we see (we being me and 3+ other people, come help out if you like), making the occasional video and taking some photos, I am doing something else. I have a vendor space in the "Beer Tent" area (beer is NOT Orlando Brewing). So far, I didn't have anything there Thursday on account of the rain and all the stuff to do, and I didn't have it Friday because I was seeing shows, but I actually set up today and had a decent experience.
Amy Salloway
I only made $10 at the tent today, but I think the real goal is to make sure it's serious, to set ourselves apart, and to give the team a home base to work from. I've also encouraged artists to come by the tent and hang out, particularly those from out of town. One such maiden is Amy Salloway, who is a lovely Minnesota girl with a one-woman show about Jewish summer camp. She came by to chat with Emily, Jamie and I tonight over some delicious corn Arepas from the booth next door. I hope she comes back and is the first of many.

Also, I finally met John V. of Radio Rickshaw tonight - apparently, they sponsored the poetry smackdown at the outdoor stage... S.K.I.P. of Nonsense won the prize tonight, and rightly so - he's fantastic. Mark Baratelli said many times that the spoken word community needs to put together a Fringe show next year: he's right. Amy Steinberg's been doing it for years, even Unicornicopia had a show - why hasn't Nonsense Records done something?

After that there was a very small excursion to the Peacock Room where we ran into the Senorita from Matador. Now that I think of it, I could be dropping names all night in this post, but I don't have all night... I have to get up and go fly a kite.


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It was awesome to finally meet you Ryan, thanks for putting up with my complete lack of sobriety (hee hee....) I look forward to learning more about you and Blogging Fringe. What a great thing this is you're offering to the community.

Be well!