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Grandma Party!!

Sun, 04/15/2007 - 09:20 -- rprice

Here in Orlando we have some very playful and active hipsters. A little over 2 years ago they started getting together in the parking lot of the hippest place in town, the Stardust Video & Coffee house. The parking lot turns into a flea-market / craft show atmosphere, with live music in one corner, a gigantic rummage sale, designer haircuts, short shorts and brightly-colored outfits.

I recently made a post over at Florida Creatives about my booth and making buttons.

Jason and Meagan from SOLMI put together a video about Grandma Party - these kids are really talented, and I hope we get to work together soon. Check it out:

I get in a plug for the Florida Creatives too. Pretty nice.

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Hey. We were hoping to go to the meeting tonight, but that's not going to work out. It turns out I put the wrong address for Stardust in our video, so I'm working on fixing/replacing that. Meagan's also feeling not so great... so those two things combined made us think we should probably just head home.

Thanks for posting this though. We always appreciate it.

Talk to you later.