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marc. with a c. tonight @ stardust

Fri, 04/13/2007 - 04:26 -- rprice
Ryan at the Holiday Show

Hey script kiddies, if you're in Orlando and you like hoity-toity beer, GREAT atmosphere and rock music, you MUST come to Stardust tonight to watch marc and I rock the hell out of an otherwise pretentious little coffee house in Southern Winter Park. 1842 Winter Park Rd, just off Corrine Dr, in between Leu Gardens and Baldwin Park. 9PM or thereabouts, until maybe 11:00/11:30.

This will be my last show with marc for a while, as I'm going to London next week, doing Blogging Fringe next month, helping with Petentials all the while and trying to figure out how to eat and keep a roof over my head in the process. I'm not out of the band, each of us just needs to get things done.

Edit: I'm not in the band anymore. This post apparently had something to do with it...

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