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BlogOrlando: September 28-29, 2007

Thu, 04/12/2007 - 18:31 -- rprice

EDIT: I jumped the gun. If you read Josh's post, you'll know this is a "penciled in" date.

Chances are if you participate in Social Media (especially in Orlando), you have heard of Josh Hallet. Or read a blog he consulted for, designed, even influenced in some way. Last year Josh put together a fantastic UnConference called BlogOrlando. Rollins College was a great space for this event, with two rooms and tons of useful sessions. This year will only be bigger and better from what I understand.

Josh just made announced the date over on the BlogOrlando site. Last year I went to the Thursday night dinner and some of the stuff on Friday, but I had the Printing4Pros job and a marc with a c concert on Friday, so I made it to as much as I could. I did manage to grab a podcast at Dexter's, but only the one.

Listen to my interview with Wendy Kurtz and Vlad Mazek

Considering that it was a blogging con, I think podcasting was well represented. I am hoping to speak about community or podcasting this year - so many people were so very interested in process during Vlad's talk about video blogging, I think there will be an audience for it.

The best part about BlogOrlando (and I would guess most UnConferences) was the people. I made some good connections and really started to realize there was a media community in Orlando that could be tapped into. In my trifecta of events that led me to start Florida Creatives, BlogOrlando is third, with Grandma Party and the Fringe Festival before it.

Speaking of Grandma Party - it happens this Saturday!! It happens at Stardust all day. I will have a Florida Creatives / Blogging Fringe / Orlando Scene TV booth going to do some schmoozing. If you want to stop by, I will have melon and lemonade, chairs and shade, microphones, a camera and lots of love to spread around. If you don't believe me that love will permeate the Grandma Party, you just need to see it for yourself.


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