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New Server

Sun, 04/08/2007 - 05:46 -- rprice

Earlier this week, I lost 3 months worth of email, to a problem as-of-yet undiagnosed. I had been meaning to get things moved over to our CervoSites hosting (it is our hosting reseller plan), but I was worried the transition wouldn't be smooth... like maybe I would lose all my email!

I am now on the new server and email is running again, but if you sent any important email to < rprice AT > you'll have to send it again, I don't have it.

Moving over the wordpress and upgrading from 2.0.7 to 2.1.3 couldn't have been easier, and now links and posts share taxonomy - very efficient.

I also made the switch (and redesign) for Blogging Fringe, mostly because we were on Detroit Creative's servers, and their PHP version is old. Also, I've been getting free hosting for Liberatr podcasts with Jake for a year now, and it is time to renegotiate the sponsorship.

We've been hosting the Cervo Systems website on our own servers for months now, and a few weeks I will make that look all pretty and make podcasting/media the focus of the site, but I have too many contracts open right now to get to work on my own sites. However, I was told the other day to consider myself one of the people in Florida who knows more about Drupal forms and theming than just about anybody in the state (Kia would argue the SouthEast, but I have nothing to back that up). You can see for yourself once we start opening up Petentials a bit more... right now only about 50 people have access to the site. If you want to get on the beta list, email me and tell me why.


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