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Twitterholic - Top 100 Twitter Users

Mon, 03/19/2007 - 09:03 -- rprice

I doubt me if I'll ever make it on this list, but I wanted to give props to Alex and Gavin for creating yet another popularity contest/time waster that seems to be a bit worthwhile...

What I mean by worthwhile is, well, now Calacanis knows who to pay for twittering. This is like the top 100 Digg or Reddit users, whose time he bought to post news to Netscape. Welcome to the beginning of the moentization of Twitter. It either warms the blood or boils it, depending on your relationship with microblogging/status/open IM/bulletin... stuff.

Also, interesting move by the PostGorillans to rename themselves Humidity Labs.

Also, props to 30 boxes for Twapper (WAP-enabled twitter) and Dave Troy for Twittervision. Very cool stuff.


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Thanks :)

We're still postGorillians.. humidity labs is just a moniker we've been toying with, and something that seems perfect for "sunday projects" like twitterholic.

Mad props to Alex Hillman from are due as well.. He helped us with some of the copy and getting our k-rad twitter-esq skin going.

Twittervision rocks my world.
See you at florida creatives!